How To Get More For Your Home

You can significantly increase your home’s market value by following a few simple steps to uncover your home’s full potential. In the end, you will attract more potential homebuyers and ultimately increase the listing price of your home.
These 15 easy tips are designed to help you showcase your home’s distinct appeal.

  1. Remove clutter.
    ALL CLUTTER. The more you simplify each room, the better your buyer can envision their furniture and style in your home. Take your trinkets, figurines, and knick-knacks and store them in boxes.
  2. Keep the décor simple.
    Think of your home as a hotel. Keep the basic furniture, and add a few matching accents. Remove your individual personal style. Make your home feel clean, fresh and contemporary with a style that’s appealing to anyone.
  3. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
    As this is true, make sure you home’s front entrance is immaculate. Repaint or replace the front door if necessary, polish the door’s hardware and make glass shine. Also ensure your front lawn is trimmed and the walkway is clear of snow, sand and ice.
  4. Go over your home with a fine-toothed comb.
    Chances are you may not notice damage or problems that a new buyer would. Be critical, and don’t give your buyer a reason to lose interest.
  5. Consider renovation.
    Though not a necessity, certain renovations, such as new kitchens, bathrooms and professional landscaping may reap a financial benefit that far outweighs their cost. Consult with your real estate agent before beginning any work to ensure it will be a profitable decision.
  6. Freshen up.A fresh coat of paint is often enough to update the rooms in your home.
    Remember to choose natural tones, as these are the most complimentary and flattering for all furniture and styles. Say good-bye to your outdated pink, lime green or tacky faux finish walls!
  7. Sweat the small stuff.
    Dripping faucets, loose cupboard handles, sticking windows and other minor flaws are often more visible than you think. Take the time to make these small repairs.
  8. Beautify from bottom to top.
    Don’t forget to organize all the junk you’ve stored in your attic and basement over the years. Display the full value of these spaces by removing unnecessary articles and use proper storage solutions to organize what’s left.
  9. Make your home inviting.
    Light scented candles, check all your light bulbs and replace as necessary, and ensure your home is odour & smoke-free. Show that you care about your home’s appearance. During a showing, turn on lamps for extra lighting and shine, and open curtains and draperies to add a cheerful appeal.
  10. Your home should sparkle!
    Clean your house and keep it that way. Make your home ready for a showing any day of the week. Yes, people will be critical when it comes to cleanliness, so don’t disappoint in this area. Scrub your shower, clean your fridge, steam your carpets, poop & scoop and freshen that litter box!
  11. Ensure all appliances are in working order.
    Especially if you are selling them with the house. No one wants to pay for a dishwasher repair as soon as they move in.
  12. Clean parts of your home you normally don’t pay attention to.
    Dust windowsills, organize the crawlspace, scrub windows inside and out, paint the eaves trough, remove scuff marks from walls, weed the cracks in your driveway…make your house immaculate inside and out.13. Make the exterior as inviting as the interior. Outdoors: plant flowers and shrubs, seed and water your grass, add a small patio set or some outdoor lighting, remove Christmas lights, and paint your mailbox. Indoors: decorate with fresh flowers, make rooms feel cozy and complete with proper drapery, rugs, books and matching accessories.
  13. Pay attention to details.
    Clean up cobwebs, fold towels in your linen closet to perfection, remove family photos, protect your valuables, clean your furnace ducts, and make every detail perfect. Make sure home buyers fall in love with your home by leaving no stone unturned. It’ll be worth it!
  14. Make space.
    Organize closets, cupboards and the garage to make them look bigger. Neat, uncluttered spaces increase the visual dimensions of the space. Once you’re done, don’t be surprised if you love your home more than you ever
    have. Looks attractive, clean and stylish right? If you’re impressed, home buyers will be too!
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